How to Invest your IRA/401k in Gold or Silver Coins


Welcome to Most investors are unaware that the gold price has risen in each of the last nine years. With the price of gold selling for little more than mine production costs, and the amount of fiat currency and debt increasing at rates never before seen in our history, a substantially higher gold price is most probable. In the past, owning gold was considered a luxury.

Today, we believe it is a necessity for proactive investors! Our goal at Gold Wealth Management Group is to assist individual investors (as well as businesses and institutions) in the acquisition of tangible assets while providing comprehensive educational resources. We are a team of experienced consultants working through Swiss America Trading Corporation, a trusted industry leader. Never before has the ownership of gold been more important in stabilizing an investment portfolio. Plus, never before has gold maintained such a sustained performance, allowing investors to increase their wealth.

Of all the precious metals, gold is historically the most popular and is universally recognized to be a safe haven from economic, political, social or currency-based crises such as those occurring in the world today. Gold, unlike stocks and bonds, has no counter party risk.

Gold is the sovereign of all sovereigns. - Democritus, Greek philosopher (460-370 BC)

If you are an investor with personally financed assets or a retiree with a long-standing 401K or IRA, it is imperative that you learn the benefits of gold in a diversified portfolio.  Whether you are looking to rollover your IRA and are interested in investing in gold, are researching gold investments for your self-directed IRA/401K, or you are looking for a custodian for gold investments in your IRA, we can help.

If you looking to buy gold coins or thinking of buying in the near future, now is...

"A proactive investor is an individual who is able to assess current economic trends and subsequently take advantage of probable outcomes."


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Veterans in the Gold investment arena, brokers Michael Weiner and Fred Goldstein of Swiss America Trading Corp work individually with each investor to plan a specific strategy based on one's age, goals, and financial situation.

Each investor is provided with an online Swiss America account which is the lifeline to all current account information and activity which the investor can access 24/7.

Contact Gold Wealth Management Group today for a free consultation. Learn how you can join the thousands of savvy investors who have added gold, the world's most enduring and today's best appreciating asset, to their portfolios.


Gold Wealth Management Group has the expertise required to knowledgeably guide investors through the different gold products currently available.

The group will consult with any investor at no charge.

We work only with tangible c
oins and metals--no mining shares, futures, options or ETF's.

Your precious gold coins and metals will be delivered promptly, registered, and insured, either to you or to Delaware Depository for placement in your personal IRA.

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