How to Invest your IRA/401k in Gold or Silver Coins

Brokers Mr. Michael Weiner and Earl H. Brown are directors of Gold Wealth Management Group. With hundreds of investment success stories in their professional histories, they both have many years of experience in the industry and are a part of the well-respected Swiss America Trading Corporation.

Michael D. Weiner's career in the gold and silver industry spans over four decades and over a billion dollars of transactions. Mr. Weiner has been a pioneer in the industry whose career has come full circle. Beginning as a senior account executive with a licensed company, he went on to be a founding partner of one of the largest licensed precious metals firms during the late 1970s and 1980s.

During 1979 and 1980, Mr. Weiner hosted a TV show "Let's talk Gold and Silver" and among his guests were Dr. Franz Pick and James Sibbet. Mr. Weiner appeared as a guest on "Wall Street Week" and on numerous television and radio talk shows over the years as well as a guest speaker at various professional associations and public organizations like the SBA's SCORE.

Mr. Weiner then created the gold and silver industry's first consulting corporation and worked with new and existing companies in the business. During the 1990s, Mr. Weiner was a founding partner in a pension consulting firm that was later sold to a large public company. Prior to joining Swiss America Trading Corporation, he was senior vice president of a national financial service company. Now Mr. Weiner has returned to what he enjoys most, working closely with the public.

Mr. Weiner received a B.A. from Wayne University and attended Detroit College of Law.  During his 34 year career Mr. Weiner has obtained multiple security, commodity and insurance licenses.
Earl H. Brown After 40 years of trading coins and 30 years at Swiss America Trading Company I am obviously a veteran.  The markets change but the fundamentals remain a constant.  My strengths are providing knowledge and understanding of the gold and silver markets.  I realize that I will not capture the business from all the folks who call me, but I also believe that if I provide an honest and complete education that the potential client will benefit and that my credibility will be estabilished.  I caution potential buyers that taking profits when you invest comes at the backend of the investment (when you sell not when you buy).  Price, quality, disclosures, prompt delivery, tracking values, and buy-backs are all critical variables.

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